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It’s not called the ‘the change’ for nothing.

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Menopause makeovers for better skin

It’s not called the ‘the change’ for nothing. As well as causing hot flushes, vaginal dryness, decreased sex drive and memory fog the menopause also affects our skin.

Rapidly dropping levels of the hormone oestrogen are one of the main culprits and the body becomes more vulnerable to the effects of testosterone. Oestrogen aids water retention and plumpness in the skin so when it drops, we lose some of the molecules that help keep the skin moisturised.

But don’t despair I offer a variety of treatments and products to help fight the signs of the ageing and the menopause.

What’s happening to your skin?

So what exactly is happening beneath the layers of our skin? A continued decrease of cell renewal in our epidermal layer, reduced fibroblast activity means our muscle tone slackens, our elastin has less spring-ability, and our collagen loses its density. Increased pressure on our capillaries may result in more visible red thread veins, increased sebum production could cause hormonal breakouts and a reduction in hyaluronic acid within the skin can lead to dehydration. Now more than ever our skin needs support, stimulation and replenishment.

The results of these changes could visibly present as...

  • Brown ‘age’ spots on your face, neck and the backs of your hands.

  • Dryness and sensitivity.

  • Loss of collagen making skin thinner and more lined and wrinkled.

  • Acne breakouts

  • Unwanted hairs growing on your chin or upper lip.

Reducing the appearance of age spots

You don’t have to live with those tell-tale age spots says. A good skincare routine with targeted brightening ingredients and a high factor spf is where we start followed by professional treatments such as facial peels, laser treatments and microneedling which can fade individual spots and enhance the overall brightness and youthful appearance of the skin. Remember when looking to achieve results the 80/20 rule applies (80% homecare, 20% treatments)

Always protect your hands

Hands, along with the rest of your skin, need protection every day of the year from the damaging and ageing effects of the sun. Cover up or use a SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen (ask me for advice on which products are best for you).

Don’t forget – damaging UVA rays can penetrate window glass so be careful in the car or when sitting by a window.

Laser treatment and microneedling for age spots can work well and offers longer-lasting results.

Chemical peels can also reduce the appearance of age spots and smooth out wrinkles and rough skin. You really do need to ensure you are committed to a good homecare routine and SPF application prior to investing in these treatments. Book a consultation if your age spots are bothering you and find out how we can help.

Dealing with dryness and sensitivity

You may find that the products you’ve used for years suddenly don’t agree with your skin anymore, or no longer work to manage dryness. Regular cleansing and moisturising are no longer sufficient so focus on overnight treatments that deliver extra hydration in the form of serums and masks. A richer moisturiser will keep it hydrated and nourished, look for ceramides, peptides and hyaluronic acid during the day; A facial oil is a great addition for a night time routine think squalene or my favourite jojoba oil.

If your skin is now prone to irritation, avoid perfumed products and be careful when introducing high strength skincare such as AHA's and Retinol. Both of these are however brilliant ingredients to add as they will work to give your cell function the much needed kick up the butt!

“I can advise on which products will offer an excellent homecare routine for your menopausal skin, helping to rehydrate it, reduce sensitivity and give you back your youthful glow”. Let's look at your current skins condition and see what it is lacking with a Skin Analysis and Consultation.

Drawing a line under wrinkles

As mentioned above, I’m a big fan of Retinol as it can deliver some amazing results, making menopausal skin look younger, brighter and smoother, however, to ensure you get the best results there are some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to starting a course of treatment. Before you start using this magic ingredient, read my blog on how to use it correctly.

Dealing with acne breakouts

Menopause can cause acne breakouts, but don’t treat it with off-the-shelf acne creams that are mostly aimed at teenagers. These will usually be too harsh and drying for older skin. Pop in for a consultation and we can advise on gentle cleansers, for example, those containing Poly Hydroxy Acids and Azelaic Acid.

Getting rid of those pesky facial hairs

Tweezing, waxing, hair removal cream and threading are all tried and trusted methods for getting rid of unwanted facial hair. You can ask our advice about any of these or the more permanent methods of hair removal such as electrolysis or laser treatments.

Book your free consultation today

If you’d like to give your menopausal skin a real boost, come in for a Skin Analysis and Consultation so I can talk you through all the best solutions for your skin type and advise on the best products for home use.

You may not be feeling your best self, but we can make sure you look it!

Love and Respect

Maddie x

My top products for menopausal skin

Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Cream - Gentle yet very effective this a bestselling product.

Exuviance Soothing Recovery Serum - Great for those suffering with sensitivity

Neostrata Skin Active Lift Serum - A powerful combination of antiageing ingredients to volumise and sculpt

Neostrata Skin Active Dermal Replenishment - Deeply hydrating containing amino acid building blocks and natural moisturising factors (NMF)

Neostrata Restore Ultra Moisturising Cream - Rich in antioxidants to calm and strengthen sensitive skin barriers. Not to heavy, super hydrating.


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