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Bridal Skincare

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

I love to welcome upcoming brides to Personal Touch to begin preparing their skin for the big day.

Often a much overlooked preparation but having your skin in tip-top condition can really help minimise the chances of having a massive breakout appear the night before, it also provides a perfect canvas for your makeup ensuring it lasts all day for those all important photographs.

Dry, dehydrated skin can make your makeup artists job twice as hard, painting on that perfect camouflage to make your skin appear flawless and glowing only to have it seep into crepey creases or flake off with dry skin; it is the difference between painting on a concrete surface instead of a canvas!

Isn’t it always the way, when you have a big occasion coming up, usually the stress of said event results in a large inflamed spot appearing somewhere non inconspicuous on your face! Now, we cannot promise that this will not happen as you are the only person who can manage the stress however what we can do is ensure the skin is in its best condition to facilitate healing quickly and provide tips to reduce the redness and inflammation; it’s up to the makeup artist to then work their magic in covering it.

Now if you are someone who already has a perfect skincare routine in place and your skin behaves itself (well congratulations!), a few in clinic treatments during the three months leading up to the big day would be ideal. We could focus on skin renewal and hydration to make sure we have a healthy glow from fresh, plump skin cells. On the other hand, if you have no skincare routine and skin conditions such as acne, broken veins, scarring or pigmentation which you’d like to treat prior, we need to start our programme 6 to 12 months before.

A course of chemical peels can help by reducing dark spots and increasing radiance. Micro-needling is great for plumping the skin and over the course of several months, can also reduce the appearance of acne scars and pigmentation.

LED Light Therapy would be best for those with sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema or redness prone skins, this non invasive treatment can be performed in abundance and with no down time can even be done the day before.

So as opposed to binge-purchasing every product in sight, take some time to evaluate what exactly you want out of your skin care. Setting specific goals for yourself—whether that’s reducing acne, increasing collagen or elastin, or simply hydrating the skin—will ultimately allow you to create a routine that makes sense for you and puts you on track toward an attainable skin-care plan for your wedding day.

Keeping track of the timeline leading up to your wedding is also a crucial aspect of creating a pre-wedding skin-care plan. You want the benefits of all your products and treatments, while making sure none of the possible negative side effects pop up on the big day. The earlier you start the process the better I can understand your skin and how it reacts to treatments.

The best way to plan is to first attend a Skin Analysis and Consultation so that we can have a look at your skin and discuss any concerns and expectations you may have. The latter being very important, I will never provide you with an unrealistic goal and I will refer you to other practitioners should your concerns require more medical treatment such as laser, micro needling etc.

All Bridal Packages are bespoke, as with all the treatments I provide my clients; after all no two of you are the same, especially when it comes to skin. So if you having your wedding date booked there is no better time to get in touch to arrange an appointment.

I honestly can't wait to be a part of your most special day

Maddie x


Start early - the sooner you start the earlier you can get a plan in place to work up to the big day. However, if you are a last minute wonder there are still treatments to be done just nothing too invasive which could create a reaction.

Don’t break the bank - the budget is one of the most stressful things when it comes to wedding planning. You don’t need to over spend on multiple treatments and products, speak to a trusted professional to get the perfect routine for you, your skin and your budget.

Stress Less, Sleep More - easier said than done when waiting for RSVP’s, searching for florists and finding the perfect dress but stress is one of the major triggers for bad looking skin, think dull and dehydrated or the unimaginable breakout! Late nights planning or lack of sleep from over thinking can really hinder all your hard work so factor in some down time to stop yourself from getting overwhelmed.

Feed your Skin - try to limit eating too much food high in sugars and starch as this will only make you feel uncomfortable and could create breakouts. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and lay off the alcohol and few weeks prior - save yourself for the day! Each individual is different, but I would suggest making sure you have a well-balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and probiotic, fermented foods.

Last minute breakout? - ice is your friend. Get an ice cube or ice globe and ice the spot, this will bring down inflammation - try not to panic and dry it out, use hydrating products instead as this will make it easier to camouflage with makeup.

Head to Toe - don't forget your face is not the only skin to be on show. Preparations should be given to your body too considering an open back, low cut and sleeveless dress you may be wearing. To feel our best we want to be glowing from head to toe and a full body get the glow treatment is just the thing.


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