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Collagen Induction Therapy is a natural skin regenerator ideal for treating sun damage, smoothing wrinkles, reducing the appearance of scars and regenerating the skins surface to tighten large pores. This treatment also includes Electroporation Mesotherapy to further accelerate product penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.


Acne Scarring, Fine Lines, Skin Texture, Large Pores, Pigmentation


FROM | £120

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Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment used to target a variety of skin conditions. Needles are used to penetrate the skin to create a wound healing response. This mechanism encourage the skin to produce new collagen and elastin to give patients younger looking skin. Combined with Electroporation technology which further enhances results by penetrating skin rejuvenating ingredients deeper into the skin layers. The EPN Microneedling device is the worlds first in providing microneedling with electroporation. Utilising both of these modalities we not only provide skin rejuvenation but also facilitate a better absorption of active ingredients by our skin cells.




You will be invited for a complimentary Skin Analysis & Consultation to discuss your skin concerns and areas for treatment. Once the treatment is confirmed we will book you in for your course of treatments. Each treatment will include an Ultimate cleanse, we then apply a mesotherapy cocktail of skin boosting ingredients and perform the needling on areas to be treated, once complete you will have 10 minutes under the Dermalux LED Light Therapy before finishing with soothing moisturisers and an SPF application.. 


Immediatley after the treatment the skin can appear pink, slightly swollen and feel warm (almost like sunburn). The microwounds caused from the needles usually take 24hrs to heal - post treatment side effects should subside over 72hrs.


The full face and neck can be treated but we can treat single areas of concern to provide desirable results.


WHAT DOES THE TREATMENT FEEL LIKE? You may experience some mild heating or a slight tingling sensation during treatment, this can become more intense over bony areas. Clients describe this as moderate and acceptable

WHAT MAKES EPN MICRONEEDLING SO UNIQUE? This is the only device on the market which provides both electroporation and microneedling technology in one.

HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE RECOMMENDED? To gain the best results it is recommended to have between 3-6 treatments. These treatments are spaced out at four week intervals. This can be followed by 1-2 yearly maintenance treatments.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS? Some clients feel a difference in the elasticity of their skin in as little as 24hours. However, the long-lasting results will be seen between 4-6 weeks post treatment and will peak at 6 months after that.

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