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Reducing the visible signs of ageing including uneven skin tone and texture. Redness and pigmentation are the first noticeable discolourations which come with ageing skin, removing these imperfections, creates a more youthful clearer complexion to achieve a smoother 'air brushed" appearance.  


Texture, Redness, Pigmentation, Discolouration, Red Veins, Acne


FROM | £50

Courses Available

" Having my red three veins removed has been the best investment for my skin, I no longer feel I cannot leave the house without makeup



Intense Pulsed Light is a non-invasive treatment where a broad spectrum of light is safely delivered to treat skin imperfections. It is the most effective treatment for facial redness, flushing, broken veins, Rosacea, Acne, Pigmentation and Sun Damage. Lynton IPL treatments are recognised industry wide as producing the most impressive skin rejuvenation results.  When the light is absorbed but the target, the heat generated destroys the target and the cells are reabsorbed by the body. This process stimulates the body to then regenerate and renew with regular cells. 




You will be invited for a complimentary Skin Analysis & Consultation to discuss your skin concerns and areas for treatment. Once the treatment is confirmed we will perform a patch test which is £20 prior to booking you in for your course of treatments. Each treatment will include an Ultimate cleanse, goggles will be provided for you to wear and we then perform the treatment on areas to be treated, your skin will be cooled with the use of cry globes to optimise safe delivery and provide comfort, once complete you will then have specific serums and an SPF applied. 


After treatment the area may feel warm for a few hours. Rarely, some delicate skin areas such as the cheeks or décolleté can be red and slightly swollen for up to 48 hours. Though very rare, there is a chance a small blister may form and there could be temporary lightening or darkening of the skin. When treating larger red thread veins and pigmentation the area treated will darken in the colour but this will gradually lighten over the coming weeks.


The full face and neck can be treated but we can treat single areas of concern to provide desirable results.



WHAT DOES THE TREATMENT FEEL LIKE? Most clients describe the sensation as mild and tolerable, having had the treatment myself, I liken it to someone flicking you on the face.

WHAT MAKES LYNTON'S IPL SO UNIQUE? Not all IPL machines were created equally, Lynton's machines are medical grade, utilising a sub milli second pulse with super high energy the IPL is able to provide stronger treatments with higher safety and comfort. As a supplier to the NHS these machines are used to treat advanced vascular lesions such as port wine stains and severe rosacea.

HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE RECOMMENDED? It is completely dependant on the lesion being treated and the severity of the case. It could range from 1-6 as it completely depends on the size and severity of the area being treated. They would be spaced out at 4 -6 week intervals.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS? Most clients will obtain excellent results. An estimated number of treatments can only be provided but until the treatment has commenced it is difficult to predict the timeline for results.

WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS MACHINE? The 3 Juve IPL machine is supplied by Lynton, who are a multi award winning British manufacturer of aesthetic, surgical and conservation lasers. They supply to many leading skin clinics, dermatologists and the NHS. A specialist team of physicists and aestheticians with over 25years experience working in conjuction with the University of Manchester, they have won multiple awards for their training and quality of machines, establishing their reputation as the UK's leading manufacturing and supplier of aesthetic technologies.

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