Sun Soul Face Cream SPF50+
  • A water-resistant sun cream with a high UVA and UVB protection. Enriched with anti-ageing and antioxidant active ingredients to protect and contrast photoaging. Biomimetic Peptides stimulate the skins natural process of DNA protection, correcting damage induced by light rays. 


    KEY INGREDIENTS: Biomimetic Peptides protect and repair the skin; Acerola extract has a high concentration of Vitamin C providing powerful antioxidants. UVA UVB filters which are free from Nano Technology and Octocrylene which causes DNA damage to skin cells.


    82% Natural-Origin Ingredients



    Sun Soul Face Cream SPF50+

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    • Make sure you are using the correct level of SPF coverage for your skin colour.

      SPF 30 is recommended for fairer complextions which burn easily. 

      SPF 50 is for very fair comeplxions with freckles, blonde or red  hair and pale eyes. 

      Water Resistant

      Dry Touch formula which spreads easily and absorbs quickly.