Sun Soul Cream Gel Tan Maximizer
  • A tan activating cream gel which prepares the skin for sun exposure and promotes a longer lasting intense tan. Active ingredients stimulate the skins natural process of skin pigmentation preparing it for sun exposure whilst providing protection from photoaging and infusing the skin with Vitamin C antioxidants. 


    KEY INGREDIENTS: Acetyl Tyrosine activates the natural process of skin pigmentation, stimulating melasm. Acerola Extract is an antioxidant and free radical scavenger high in Vitamin C protecting the skin from sundamage. 


    85% Natural-Origin Ingredients



    Sun Soul Cream Gel Tan Maximizer

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    • Suited to all skin types particularly those who desire an intense tan as well as those with fair complexions which would benefit from perparing their skins well before sun exposure.

      Intensifies the tanning process in just a few days

      Dry touch texture which absorbs quickly

      Prepares the skin for sun exposure contrasting the ageing mechanisms

      Makes your tan last longer