MoroccanTan Instant Exotic Mousse
  • MoroccanTan® Exotic Mousse combines our advanced Colour Blending Technology, Triple Enhanced Bronzers and Dermal LockTM properties to produce a deep, bronze exotic tan.

    Infused with Argan & Rosehip oil and enriched with a blend of vitamins to achieve intense skin nourishment and a longer lasting tan.

    Suitable for all skin types, the quick-drying formula develops over time.


    MoroccanTan Instant Exotic Mousse

    • Fast drying, non-oily and non-sticky formula

      Argan oil is rich in natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids
      These antioxidants help your skin retain its youthful glow, reduce fine lines and provides deep moisture and hydration for your skin, leaving it soft and silky.

      Rosehip Oil - bursting with essential fatty acids, Vitamins and antioxidants,
      Rose Hip Oil deeply nourishes and hydrates all skin types. It also helps
      protect the skin from premature ageing and improves the appearance of fine lines.

      Loaded with Organic goodies; Argan & Rosehip Oils and Aloe Vera.

      Violet base - rich violet bronzers mixed with deep ashy browns that
      uniquely react with each skin type to ensure a perfect bronze tan.

      Infused with argan oil and enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera to ensure your tan lasts the distance. 

      Sulphate, and parabens free. Using naturally derived Alcohol.

      Made in Australia

      Fragrance: Spiced Honey Fragrance