Butterfly Everyday Pouch
  • Designed to make your life a little more organised and a lot more luxurious, this timeless Everyday Pouch features delicate embroidery on soft, durable bases. Ideally sized, it is perfect for storing your daily essentials, fitting in your handbag, or using as a clutch.

    Butterfly Everyday Pouch

    • Butterfly

      The ultimate symbol of rebirth and new life, the butterfly’s journey from a tiny cocoon to a beautiful and intricate creature is a thing of pure enchantment. This new motif draws inspiration from this special transformation, depicting the butterfly in shining golden threads, carefully embroidered onto a rich velvet base.

      • Material: Velvet Base or Cotton Base
      • Dimensions: 20x30cm
      • Machine washable at 30 degrees
      • Gold zip closure
      • Double sided design