Comfort Zone Body Strategist Thermogenic Cream
  • A Thermogenic Body Cream which is recommended for use on adipose cellulite with potent active ingredient Microalgae to help burn fat. The Thermogenic hot/cold effect improves penetration of the product and provides a real sense of stimulation. 


    Not to be used on sensitive skin, the cream provides a redness and heat reaction on the skin. Read warning signs below before purchasing.


    KEY INGREDIENTS: Microalgae stimulates beige adipose tissue, Caffeine and Carnitine stimulate cell metabolism, improving circulation.


    86% Natural-Origin Ingredients




    Comfort Zone Body Strategist Thermogenic Cream

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    • A double thermogenic action provides effective slimming and remodelling of adipose fat cells

      Reduces local adiposity and fat accumulation

      Efficacy test: -1cm thigh circumference*

      Reduction of local adiposity for 80% of users*

      *Independent laboratory tests: 20 people over 30 days