Tone it up!

After the Christmas indulgence, the focus is on to get fit and tone up. I'm not talking about hitting the gym or popping that get fit DVD on the TV, I've got something for you that requires a lot less energy.

Start your New Years resolutions early with the amazing Body Strategist Products from [Comfort Zone], specifically formulated to target loose skin, stretchmark's and unwanted cellulite. Body Strategist is the perfect partner to help you tone up and banish that dreaded cellulite.

Personal Touch offers bespoke treatments to help you target cellulite and tone loose skin. What's more, we will be offering 20% off all Body Strategist Body Treatments and £10 off Body Strategist Retail Products (excluding kits) throughout January. To find out more and reap the benefits of our body treatments available, visit the treatments page on my website.

Flaws in the body's appearance are not just aesthetic in nature, they have deeper roots linked to the body's overall balance

The Beauty Routine

From science and nature, introducing Body Strategist, a complete, cutting edge system that slims, remodels and firms.

Products, treatments and lifestyle tips against the different types of cellulite and the loss of tone, offering specific intensive or maintenance solutions.

Developed without silicones, parabens or mineral oils and with up to 98% of natural origin ingredients.

Targeted carrier systems allow the active ingredients to penetrate better.

What are Active Ingredients and how do they work?

Sometimes looking at the ingredients list on a product can be so confusing, all these technical names with no explanation as to what they do or how they work. Body Strategist products contain many Active Ingredients which are specifically formulated to target your concerns.

Pure Caffeine - Up to 2%

Helps redefine the silhouette, counteracting the accumulation of fat

Aescin - Extract from the horse chestnut plant

Anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates microcirculation

Fucus - Brown Algae

Remodelling, slimming and reducing properties

Microalgae - A single cell algae

Heat generating effect helps burn fats

Extract of Ivy

Improves microcirculation and reduces the 'orange peel' appearance of skin, reducing swelling in the legs

Hydrolised Extract - Green Walnut

Antioxidant and protective properties

Ecocert Organic Tamanu Oil - From Trees found in Polynesia

Outstanding elasticising and toning properties

Boswellic Acid - Extract from the gum resin of the “Boswellia Serrata"

Helps keep skin elastic

Cellulite is a woman's thing!

It affects 4 out of 5 women, and doesn't even spare those that are thin! It is an inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue which initially comes about because of an alteration in the micro-circulation. Its causes can be genetic and constitution-related, hormonal and, of course, linked to lifestyle.

Edematous Cellulite = Swelling

The initial stage in which water retention and general swelling play a dominant role. Microcirculation is affected, the skin tissue is under-oxygenated and the connective tissue increases. The collagen fibres tend to accumulate around the adipocytes, giving rise to the typical 'orange peel' effect, which can also be seen in the intermediate sage known as fibrous cellulite. When light pressure is applied, the skin is painful..

Adipose Cellulite = Accumulation of Fat

An advanced stage with an anomalous activity of the fibroblasts, adipocytes and significantly altered microcirculation. This situation leads to the formation of hard micro-nodules, which are perceptible to the touch. The skin acquires the classic 'mattress' appearance.

Lack or Loss of Tone

Often accompanies the two previous stages but can also appear without cellulite. With age and poor lifestyle (excessive exposure to sun, smoking, yo-yo dieting) the fibroblasts gradually lose the ability to synthesize collagen and elastin; this reduces the skin's elasticity and leaves it less compact.

Want to learn more about how this beautiful range can work for you and your concerns? Check out my latest blog to find out your 'Morphotype' and what products, diet and exercise work well for you and your body shape.

Please do get in contact for a free consultation to discuss your body goals and to pick up your Free Sample Kit of the Body Strategist product range.

Best Wishes

Maddie x

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