The World of Shellac

Gone are the days when you had to skilfully try to retrieve your car keys from the bottom of your handbag as if you were a bomb disposal officer, in the fear of damaging your freshly painted manicure!

In 2010, CND revolutionized the nail industry with the launch of SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Colour and has taken it by storm over the past 8 years.

Ever since I started providing Shellac nail colour about 6 years ago, I think I have probably performed a maximum of 10 manicures with nail polish. The world we live in is so fast paced with every little bit of spare time filled with something important, who has time to sit and let their nails dry? On top of that, we now expect our manicures to stand the test of time, if a chip appears in your Shellac two weeks after its application, your disappointed, have we forgotten the days when a polish manicure would usually last one evening before it looked like a wall that had been stripped of its paper!

So, lets answer some FAQs when it comes to the Shellac nail system

What is Shellac?

We are all so conscious about what we put in our bodies, but what about on? Shellac is a nail treatment that lasts longer than regular polish. It is a combination of gel and regular polish and offers a water-resistant seal, providing up to 14+ days of high shine colour to your nails, zero dry time, no nail damage and a 15 minute removal process.

Are my nails suitable for Shellac?

Shellac is suitable for all nail types but, be warned if you don't have the healthiest nails you may not get the full 14+ days wear. If your natural nails tend to chip, peel and bend, they will still chip, peel and bend - even with Shellac on. Shellac does not become hard or rigid, so if the nail tends to peel, Shellac will not prevent that from happening. The aim is to keep the nails covered and protected with Shellac, whilst feeding the nail with Solar Oil. This way, we will be creating a healthier nail underneath.

Shellac damaged my nails!

The only way that Shellac could cause damage to the natural nail is, one it was applied incorrectly or two is was removed incorrectly! Or you could find it wasn't even Shellac applied to your nails in the first place! I cannot say how many times I have had a client come in asking if I could remove their Shellac applied at a different salon. They are adamant it was Shellac as that is what they asked for. Well half an hour later and I am still trying to remove the damn stuff without damaging the nails! Make sure you are in fact getting what you asked for.

I picked off my Shellac and my nails are damaged!

I will be the first to admit it, if I notice the corner of my shellac lifting I have to fight every urge to start picking and pulling it off. I then remind myself that when you pick and pull your Shellac off your nails it will take a thin layer of your nail with it. Hence, when you have successfully picked it off you find your nail looks white, dry and paper thin! When removed correctly by a qualified technician, there will be no nail damage!

Do I need a break from Shellac to let my nails breath?

Hmm now, lets be straight, your nails do not need to breath! Take a look at my other blog post "Nail Anatomy" the anatomical structure of the nail shows no requirement for breathing.

My Shellac won't last the 14+ days as I expected?

Ok so this is a question I get asked a lot. There are several factors that could be affecting the longevity of your Shellac Manicure, make sure you discuss these through with your nail technician.

  • The nail was not healthy prior to the Shellac application. (see; are my nails suitable)

  • The nail has broken beneath the Shellac, causing it to lift.

  • The therapist has not sealed the edges correctly

  • The client has damaged the Shellac using their nails as jewels not tools

  • The nail has been overexposed to water, changing the shape of the nail and causing the coating to lift

  • The therapist has not performed a proper prep so the Shellac has not adhered properly.

  • The Shellac was applied incorrectly and is touching the skin. The Shellac coating is not correctly sealed causing lifting (and product overexposure)

  • Shellac is porous, and cleaning products, pool chemicals and other chemicals can cause it to peel or chip.

Can UV lamps cause cancer?

There is no scientific evidence to support this theory when it comes to a UV Nail Lamp. However, you will find that most therapists/salons have now switched to using LED Lamps to cure Shellac to eliminate any concerns.

Ok so those are my frequently asked questions, if you have one that I have missed, please do feel free to message me. I hope this gives you a better understanding and reassurance of the Shellac product and make sure to check out my other blog posts on Nails and Skincare.

Love and Respect


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