Stay Hydrated

Liquids account for 70% of the body weight of an adult.

Water is essential for many vital processes: it regulates body temperature, it contributes to eliminating toxins and it enables the absorption of nutrients during digestion. Furthermore, it is the main component of our organs: 75% of our muscles, 22% of our bones and 85% of our brain. Sweating, temperature regulation and urination alone can lead to the elimination of more than 3 litres of liquids every day.

To keep the water balance and a condition of health and vitality, it is thus essential to restore the right amount of water.

Is your skin thirsty?

Dehydration can depend on genetic causes, such as an impoverished hydro-lipidic barrier, but it is often due to environmental factors, lifestyle and diet.

When skin is “thirsty”:

  • it looks DULL and PALE

  • it is CHAPPED and UNEVEN to the touch

  • it is more SENSITIVE to external agents

  • it AGES more easily

Proper hydration is thus essential to keep elasticity and a healthy and glowing skin.

Introducing Hydramemory

As well as feeding the skin from the inside out, it is also important to hydrate the skin for the surface in, ensuring all layers of the skin are nourished.

This moisturizing line fosters a double hydration, strengthening the barrier function and favouring the optimal distribution of water throughout all skin layers. Light “sorbet” textures quench skin thirst and give a feeling of freshness on the skin.

Free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils, with up to 99% of natural-origin ingredients, you can be sure that these products are providing your skin with the finest essentials.

When and how much to drink?

TAKE FROM 2 TO 3 LITRES OF WATER PER DAY 80% through what you drink, 20% through solid foods.

A HEALTHY AWAKENING Drink a glass of water at room or warm temperature with the juice of a squeezed lemon or a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to help eliminate toxins, awaken the intestine and re-hydrate quickly.

WATER AT MEALS: YES OR NO? Avoid drinking at meals because water interferes with gastric juices and it may slow down digestion.

DRINK BEFORE GETTING THIRSTY Thirst is a late stimulus that arises when the body is dehydrated.

DRINKING WATER IS NOT ENOUGH taking the right amount of proteins and good fats rich in omega 3 is essential to have a correct hydrolipidic balance and retain water in the body.

Hydrating Recipes

Tomato is a fruit low in calories (18kcal per 100g), is made from 95% of water and is rich in minerals, (potassium and  magnesium), vitamin C and vitamin B group. Tomato is therefore highly refreshing, hydrating and remineralising, as well as flavourful and tasty. It's also the food with the highest content of Lycopene, a carotenoid responsible for the red colour, very well known in cosmetics because it's a powerful antioxidant.


Why not try this recipe from Beauty Food Blog, containing lots of healthy, hydrating, natural ingredients to boost your skin from the inside out.

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Stay Hydrated

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