Know your skin type

Do you know what your skin type is? There is no easy way of choosing the right products for you unless you know.....


This is what skincare bottles may look like to you.

Unless you know your skin type and which ingredients do what, you may as a well go in blindfolded and take a lucky dip.

Lets take a look at the different skin types and find which one best suits you......


Often confused with dry skin, dehydrated skin appears tight and dull, lacking in overall radiance.

TOP TIP: Use a weekly hydrating mask to provide a deeper hydration boost 💦

Product: Hydramemory products are rich in skin quenching ingredients such as watermelon rind and two types of hyaluronic acid (skins natural water) providing a double dose of Hydration and Vitamin A. 🍉


A shiny, thicker skin with visibly larger pores and congestion. Your skin is over producing sebum so we need to tell it we have enough.

It seems wrong but treating your skin to some night time oil could help counteract this. It is advised to take advantage of light serums during the day instead of heavy Moisturiser.

Oily skin benefit: you are less likely to suffer from premature ageing 🙋🏻‍♀️

Product: Active Pureness is a purifying and renewing line which contains antibacterial ingredients to help reduce congestion. Also containing natural origin ingredients to balance the skins overall PH Level reducing the overproduction of sebum.


The most common skin type, a mixture of two or three, predominantly seen as dry across the cheeks, mouth and around the eyes being slightly oilier around the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin).

Hydramemory provides hydration without the oil content, while macro hyaluronic acid provides immediate hydration.

TOP TIP: a weekly mask only applied to the T-Zone, one which contains mattifying green and white clay like Active Pureness, to contrast the overproduction of sebum.💚🍵


Dry January? No Dry Skin! Rather uncomfortable when left untreated, dry skin feels tight but often appears porcelain like with redness across the cheeks.

Dry skins are more susceptible to premature ageing due to the lack of sebum.

Benefits from regular application of face oil with nourishing ingredients like Marula and Vitamin E.

TOP TIP: increase you natural oil intake with food and consume foods high in omega and healthy fatty acids. 🥑

Product: dry skin can be sensitive so try using a peeling exfoliator as opposed to a scrub


Everyone can suffer with sensitive skin. The difference when treating this is to first establish whether it is reactive or responsive.

Avoid anything synthetically fragranced along with harsh exfoliants and choose anti inflammatory natural ingredients.💐

TOP TIP: avoid coffee and alcohol as caffeine increases vascular dilation making redness worse.🍵

Products: Remedy and Sacred Nature provide protection against the daily elements and contain natural origin pre & Probiotic ingredients to reinforce the skins barrier.💚

Ingredient: Marula oil provides immediate soothing and Mexican hyssop is a calming anti inflammatory with a high content of flavanoids providing antiredness action. 🌿


Hopefully you have managed to choose which skin care bracket your skin fits into. Now we can begin to look further into what products are best suited for you.

In my next post we will be looking at skincare products and how you can create the best skincare routine to suit you and your skins needs!

Love & Respect


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