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Harness the Power of Light

Light is one of the most powerful tools which our skin uses everyday, our skin absorbs light which has different benefitting effects; tanning, Vitamin D production, enhances our mood, promotes a sense of wellbeing, triggers growth and above all improves problem skin conditions.

Phototherapy occurs naturally all around us, our cells absorb light and use it to fuel cellular processes. Different wavelengths of light stimulate different effects in the skin. UV light, as researched is damaging to the skin but, controlled levels of blue, red and near infrared lights are clinically proven to be beneficial. LED light targets wavelengths into the skins deepest layers, providing energy for the layers of the skin to function better. The concentrated light energises cells and stimulates the skin's natural rejuvenation processes, therefore making cells function better and regenerate up to 200% faster.

The science of this process has been clinically proven and LED light therapy is fast becoming one of the go to treatments for non surgical skin rejuvenation. It has been used by doctors and surgeons for years, preparing the skin pre procedure and helping to repair the skin faster post procedure.

LED Wavelengths

It is only natural to be sceptical about a new innovation like this, I mean how can you believe that something works, when you can't even see it happening. I want to explain, in the best way possible how these wavelengths really work when in the skin!

Blue 415nm

Clinically proven to fight bacteria by penetrating the Epidermis layer of the skin. It balances oil production and improves skins overall clarity with clinical studies showing that it can improve spots and blemishes by 76%.

Acne bacteria thrives in low oxygen environments and when our sebaceous glands in the skin are blocked this creates a lovely little home for the bacteria to thrive. Acne bacteria produces a normally harmful chemical called porphyrin which are highly sensitive to blue light. When Blue light is absorbed by the cells and surrounding tissues, it makes porphyrin generate oxygen which has a powerful antibacterial action, inhibiting the acne bacteria to survive and reproduce in that environment.

Regular Dermalux Facial treatments will not only cleanse the skin and eliminate impurities from the pores surface, the Blue light will also promote oxygen production from within the skin and kill acne causing bacteria. More so, if you add a skin peel to your course of treatments, this will change the PH level of the skin temporarily, increasing its acidity which will strengthen the skin to ward off infection by preventing the growth of bacteria.

Red 633nm

Regenerating Red Light accelerates cell renewal, boosts collagen and elastin synthesis and increases hydration levels within the skin for a smoother, firmer complexion.

Red light penetrates the Dermis layer of the skin, stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage and it has been proven to improve periorbital wrinkles by 75%.

Collagen and elastin protein fibres are the two main components of the Dermis, they provide structural support, strength and elasticity. As we age, our collagen production slows down which weakens the skins structure resulting in dryness, wrinkles and lack of elasticity. Filling the space between collagen and elastin are glycosaminoglycans which provide structural support and have a water binding capacity crucial for the skins water content. Most commonly known as Hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans can be topically put on the skin with products to help increase the skins water content.

The cells of the Dermis have a power house called the Mitochondria, this manufactures the cells energy (ATP). The level of energy declines with age which slows down the regenerating and repairing capabilities of the skin. The Mitochondria can absorb red light which increases the cells energy synthesis therefore increasing collagen and elastin production in the skin.

Using the correct skincare alongside a course of Dermalux Treatments can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, increase water retention in the skin and counteract degener-ageing. More collagen and elastin = less wrinkles and firmer skin!

Near Infrared 830nm

Invisible to the human eye, infrared light offers advanced skin rejuvenation benefits which calms redness and irritation, reduces hyperpigmentation caused from UV rays and increases cell rejuvenation up to 200%.

Penetrating the deepest layers of the skin, the hypodermis (Subcutaneous Layer) it stimulates wound healing, calming irritations which makes it ideal for the most sensitive skin types.

The Subcutaneous layer gives the skin its shape and works as a thermal insulator, shock absorber and nutritional depot where nutrients are stored until needed. Surrounded by collagen fibres which support vascular networks, lymph vessels and nerves from the overlying tissues in the Dermis. These collagen fibres absorb near infrared light, stimulating vascular repair, strengthening capillaries to reduce the appearance of blood vessels and desensitising the nerves to inhibit reactive redness and flushing.

A course of Dermalux treatments can dramatically reduce the appearance of redness and help to manage certain skin conditions such a Rosacea and Pigmentation, increasing the skins ability to heal and strengthening the skins barrier to protect itself.

We need to work on a programme when treating the skin because unfortunately there are no immediate fixes to problem skin conditions.

A programme of Dermalux therapy, regular facial treatments and the proper at home skincare routine can help to not only neutralise the production of acne bacteria but will enable the skin cells to function and regenerate properly providing a clearer more radiant complexion.

Get in touch to discuss your skin concerns and have a tailor made Power Plan which will work best for you.

Love & Respect

Maddie x


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