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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I am so excited to welcome /skin regimen/ skincare to Personal Touch, I have researched this brand for some time and have finally made the decision that I can't just keep researching and sampling, I've got to bring this beautiful, sustainable brand to you!

Welcome to /skin regimen/, full of the most powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules, they have created individual formulas in this new anti-ageing range which cater to ever skin concern.

Skin Regimen is formulated with a 100% Natural aroma, no two products will smell the same and the signature scent is so uplifting. The cooling texture of the products provides an immediate calming sensation to the skin, with easily massagable formulas which enable you to really work them into the skin, giving a beneficial detoxifying massage. Working on a cellular level, it recreates and maintains the optimal conditions for a healthy, youthful, glowing skin whilst also empowering the overall mind-skin stress response. Modern Plant Chemistry from Italy, designed for individuals with a fast-paced, demanding lifestyle.

It's all about the ingredients.

The main key ingredient used across this line is the Longevity Complex™ which consists of Wild Indigo to block excess cortisol, boost beta endorphins which reduces inflammation at the skins cellular level, Maqui Berry kerbs cell oxidation with Anthocyanin (a potent antioxidant), Spinach and Carnosine correct the skins DNA improving methylation (cellular function) and has an anti-glycation effect. Lets have a closer look at the products and what benefits they could bring to your skin regime.

Cleansing Cream

Anti-pollution Face Wash   An all-in-one makeup, dirt, dust and grime foaming cleanser to erase the day from your skin. It's a gentle and non-drying cream cleanser formula enriched with Longevity Complex and a 100% natural, rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma for both mind and body. This feels lovely on the skin and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and soft.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™ (Wild Indigo, Maqui Berry, Spinach & Carnosine)

HA Booster Serum

Hydra-plumping Concentrate

A hydrating serum with a concentrate of three forms of hyaluronic acid - Micro, Macro and Cross-linked - to infuse the skin, lock in moisture at various levels and restore optimal levels of hydration.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™, Macro Hyaluronic Acid larger molecule to treat the surface, Micro Hyaluronic Acid is smaller so penetrates deeper into the skin, Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid a net to release the HA over a longer period of time.

Tulsi Booster

Nourishing Protective Oil

Pure, concentrated nourishing face oil with 10% of Tulsi Active Complex, a sacred Indian herb known in Ayurvedic medicine for its adaptogenic properties, carried in Almond & Sunflower Oil. Tulsi - or Holy Basil - acts as an elixir for dry and depleted skin, restoring moisture and delivering a boost of antioxidant protection. The perfect companion for your Gua Sha massage.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Tulsi Complex  

Vitamin C Booster

Brightening Concentrate

A powerful 15% Vitamin C concentrated booster to protect the youth of your skin while improving the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and wrinkles. Most Vitamin C on the market come pre formulated which can affect its efficacy and stability, the Stay Fresh Sachet maintains Vitamin C in perfect condition until it is used.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™ Vitamin C a powerful brightening ingredient and a well known antioxidant. 

Retinol Booster

Wrinkle Concentrate

A concentrated booster of encapsulated 1.5% retinol and sylibin. A creamy texture for an intensive renewing action with a double release system through cyclodextrins for retinol and phytosomes for sylibin protect stability, bioavailability and tolerability    KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™, Retinol (Vitamin A) in cyclodextrins a highly effective molecule in stimulating cell turnover, Sylibin in phytosomes extracted from Milk Thistle stimulates the tissue regeneration.

Tea Tree Booster

Imperfections Concentrate

Purifying concentrate with 1% Pure Tea Tree oil. It targets imperfections, shrinks enlarged pores and prevents breakouts - all while helping the complexion to look smoother, cleaner and more even.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™: 1%Tea Tree Oil anti-microbial activity toward a wide array of bacteria allows it to promote healing. 3% Mandelic Acid a chemical exfoliator which increases cell turnover, reducing the look of skin damage or acne.

Tripeptide Cream

Age-defence Moisturiser

A daily face cream with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and Dandelion extract to protect the skin from pollution, leaving it firmer and well-hydrated all day. Light-balm, cooling texture and the natural rebalancing, reinvigorating aroma help to relieve the effects of stress.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™, Dandelion Extract detoxifies and protects the skin from pollution, Tripeptide-5 a biomimetic peptide which stimulates new collagen.

Lift Eye Cream

Multi-action Eye Cream

Fast absorbing, multi-active eye lift cream formulated with pure Caffeine, Persian Silk Tree extract, St. Paul's Worth and Longevity Complex™. It addresses the most common eye concerns - such as crow's feet, puffiness and dark circles - while improving the natural eye support structure and glow. A must have for early mornings especially after those late nights   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™, Pure Caffeine able to break down fatty acids and promote drainage, Persian Silk Tree Extracts has an anti-glycation action and St. Paul’s Wort rich in darutoside which activates collagen and elastin.

Urban Shield SPF 30

Anti Pollution UV Fluid   Tone-perfecting, illuminating, anti-pollution UVA/UVB protection with Dandelion and Longevity Complex™. The light and non-oily texture ensures that it can be applied after the cream and immediately before make-up or for oily complexions can be used on its own.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™ , Dandelion Extract has detoxifying properties which protect the skin from pollution and preserve its luminosity.

I've saved the best till last.................

Night Detox Mask

Overnight Pro Vitality Mask   Leave-on regenerating overnight mask with a cooling, massageable texture. Active ingredients work together to boost the skin's natural autophagy, favouring the elimination of toxins to reveal radiant skin in the morning.   KEY INGREDIENTS: Longevity Complex™, Alpha-glucan Yeast reinforces the skins autophagy system which eliminates metabolic waste, Gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy acid which chemically exfoliates the skin

Professional Treatments

Of course I could not resist bringing in two new facials to accompany the brand and having tried them both on myself, I love them both (obviously).


Ideal to rejuvenate stressed skin and to contrast accelerated aging.  The efficacy of a professional peel with 45% AHAs, the targeted customizable boosters and the powerful re-oxygenating massage deliver a glowing and brighter complexion


Clinically proven to detoxify the skin from pollution and formulated to specifically contrast impurities and imperfections.  The efficacy of the peel-off Detox Mask enriched with Chlorella and plant-based Charcoal, together with targeted customizable boosters will reveal a glowing, clearer and brighter complexion.

Which one will you be choosing?? Personally I have added the Cleanser as my second cleanse every evening, I use this alongside my Remedy Cream to Oil Cleanser, I have also add the Vitamin C booster for day time and the Retinol as my night time serum.

If you need help choosing which products are right for you, get in touch for a free consultation.

Until next time,

Maddie x

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