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The composition of Dermaviduals makes it unlike any other skin cream you have used before. All the creams utilise a Derma Membrane Structure (DMS); which essentially mimics the structure of the outer layer of skin, thus allowing Dermaviduals to REPAIR, RESTORE and STRENGTHEN the skin.

As a Corneotherapist I approach skin health a little differently to other aestheticians. My goal when treating your skin, is optimising skin barrier function which will in turn strengthen the health of the skin, slow down the ageing process and heal dermic skin conditions.

The philosophy and abundant clinical studies will show that if your skin barrier is strong and intact, your skin will be able to perform its anatomical functions. If the skin barrier is disrupted, this will increase a whole host of negative physiological processes. 

"If your roof had a leak and was letting in water, damaging your house, would you fix the internal problem first or the roof?"

The same can be said for skin, if our barrier is disrupted it cannot provide enough protection, it is made vulnerable to bacteria, pollution, UV rays and trans epidermal waterloss - all of these instances means the skin is constantly fighting, its far to pre occupied focusing on immune defence than stimulating new skin cell turnover and collagen and elastin synthesis.


We must treat the epidermal barrier prior to anything else, otherwise we will only encounter irritation.


Introducing Dermaviduals

Dermaviduals is only prescribed via a Professional Skin Therapist, it is not a skincare brand you will see online nor will you see it sold in stores. As no two skins are the same (even identical twins age differently), most skincare products are what we call "off the shelf", they offer you a blend of ingredients to treat all "general" skin concerns. Unlike any other formulation of skincare you have used before, it does not contain emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, perfumes, fragrance or amines .


The future of skincare is changing, Dermaviduals is different, in seeking professional help, you will get dermalogical grade skincare to treat your individual skin condition.  

Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk

The  DMS cleansing milk is suitable for all skins, and will gently lift away all grease, grime, pollution and make up without distrupting the skin barrier lipids.

DMS stands for Derma Membrane Structure and is the base in which all Dermaviduals products are formulated. This oustanding characteristic resembles the structure and composition of the natural skin barrier therefore working with it as opposed to against it. 

Conventional creams contain emulsifiers that can disturb the integrity of the natural skin leading to an increased loss of water within the skin. Emulsifier-free creams prevent the loss of natural barrier substances and thus avoid dry skin.

DMS® Derma Membrane Structure – DMS creams are chemically and physically similar to the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier. There are 3 creams within the classic range Classic, High Classic and High Classic Plus.

DMS® High Classic is the main moisturiser for all skins. It is a light cream and can be easily applied twice a day.

Dermaviduals Moisturiser Plus.png

If your skin is dehydrated, sensitive or irritated, or all three, then this is the product for you due to it’s high content of essential fatty acids; gamma-linoleic acid and linoleic acid (Omega 3 & 6). That will help to strengthen the natural skin barrier. We call it silk in a bottle as your skin will become silky smooth if you use it regularly.


It can also be used as a hand and body cream in the treatment of eczema alongside OM Ointment.

Dermaviduals Prescriptive Serum

The Dermaviduals Base Gel is your prescriptive serum range, the  blueprint for optimum skincare. Each base is blended with a massive 25ml of pure active ingredients specifically selected to treat your skins condition. 

The Prescriptive range offers 30 active ingredients. The serum is free of emulsifiers and shows excellent lubricating properties. A mixture of moisturising agents and permeable filming substances to reduce trans epidermal water loss.

The Dermaviduals range is the blueprint for optimum skincare. But we know that every skin is different and is subject to different demands; this is why we offer a Prescriptive range of products individually adapted to your skin’s needs. 

The Prescriptive range offers 30 active ingredients. These can be blended into your choice of base cream or serum to create the perfect fit for your skin.

The Active ingredients which are blended with the bases are are sourced from the purest ingredients and formulated to work in synergy with the skin.


23 of the Actives are either a Liposome or Nanoparticle which means they are encapsulated within a phosphatidylcholine shell - this shell is very similar to the different layers of the skin, this aids in the delivery of the actives allowing a greater penetration. 

Dermaviduals is a clinical skincare brand that focuses on skin barrier repair and preservation. It is free-from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrance, colourants and pretty much anything else that is not compatible with skin physiology. Each cream and serum is custom blended following consultation and skin analysis, as no too skins are the same. Making the product fit your skin, instead of trying to make your skin fit the product.


Dermaviduals do not allow online sales, partly due to a lot of the products being prescriptive / bespoke blended. However if you’re interested in making a purchase it is possible to do via mail order following a remote consultation


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